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Natalie Hurd & Darrin Pettit

  June 20, 2009

Showers- May 9th, May 17th, May 23rd,

June 6th

 Home décor-      Kitchen- robin egg blue

                                  Bathroom- green (light/med)

             Bedroom- tan

 Acrylic giftware- salt and pepper  “P”

                                                      Cookbook stand   “Natalie’s Kitchen”

 Monogrammed pillar candles in white

 Bubble glass-      Pitcher       


                             Double old fashioned


 Beige monogrammed bath towels

  Sorrento ivory pitcher w/flowers  *item #2800,377

 10 gallon lg crock

 hanging metal clock *item #495

 monet braided rug *item #128

 small hall tree *item #1886

any cookbooks

 tan fern stand *item #1887

 black candle holder 6” *item #3059

 tweenware med sugar bucket *item #898

 green box lamp w/shade *item #1885

 small black savannah streetlight *item #3376

 natural cross throw  *item #3628

 bittersweet hook rug *item #1307

 bookend lamp w/khaki check shades *item #724, 1361

 jumbo tartburner *item #710

mini tart burner pineapple *item #1624

 tarts-  honeysuckle, buttercream, orange cranberry

 large jar candle spiced pear

 jar candle orange cranberry

medium window chest *item #1222 

 oval tart warmer (church) *item #711

 lg cream house lantern *item #1729

 lg oval basket *item #1630

 lg double handle vase (gold) *item #772

 black peg board *item #1403

  Sorrento ivory spoon rest *item #3312

 “Live with Purpose” sign *item #2464


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